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Great Ride Today!

Friday, January 30th, 2015

Conditions are really shaping up in this area.  Had a big group out today, three families staying at the chalets for hockey (with some riding on the side).  We made it to the Monica Lake camp with ease.  There was one section of trail near Monica that had some big boulders that need more snow to pass with ease but other than that the going was excellent.  Still not enough for banging around the ditches although it looks good so be careful.  Despite the warnings on the news all the ice was excellent going too….tons of ice.  Even places where I normally see more open water are frozen.  It was snowing most of the day so we didn’t get up on the open country but a fine day on the trails for sure.  Anyone looking to go for a ride this weekend I would recommend 10 mile, Badger Lake, up around North and South Twin, Dawes Pond.  All these roads are really good riding right now.  Hopefully we will get that snow next week.  I want to get into the hills!


Good Storm Today

Friday, February 14th, 2014



And more on the way.  Come on with it!  Conditions should be perfect now!  Had an awesome day with the Caine’s Bros in Lewis Hills two days ago.  The boys are an excellent bunch to ride with!  Conditions were prime and it was nice to ride with buddy’s who know all the hidden gems.  It was a chilly ride out but a beautiful night.  Tom Caines has lots of pics posted but here are a few I took.  Its my second trip West this year….really nice to explore new terrain.  Back to the old stomping grounds on Tuesday though…..White Hills – Barneys Brook on the Gaff so you can expect an update after that as per conditions.  For those of you in Central, there are sled races in Lewisporte  tomorrow afternoon.  I am taking a day off sledding and heading there to watch some others have some fun burning gas.

Conditions still good

Sunday, February 9th, 2014



Well we haven’t been getting much snow but we haven’t lost any either.   The roads and trails are in great shape and the groomer has been going pretty steady with lots of comments on the ESA site about the trails being so smooth.  There is lots of snow in the woods for rippin around the hills.  You can go just about anywhere you want if you have the sled for it with at least a foot of soft snow on a decent base.  The only thing is we need more snow on 9 Mile Bog and Peace Valley.  One group from the chalets were up on the Gaff on Saturday and reported lots of snow there.    The sledding is great but hoping for a storm soon to fill in the gaps!

Lost a Lot but still good to go

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014


Boy it rained all night and we were supposed to get less than 1mm?  Usually the hourly forecast is dead on but not this time.  We lost a lot of snow for sure but there is still lots of snow on the roads, trails and in the woods.  Mostly exposed areas took the beating.  Less than yesterday but still plenty.  Today the beaten trails were pretty hard but not ice and anywhere off the trail was perfect.   All in all, not too bad at all, although the rain beating on the window last night had me expecting the worst!  We have a little snow in the forecast for tomorrow and a bit here and there on the way.  Staying decent cold too.  Come on with another storm to top things off now Ryan Snoddon!

Update on Thursday Morning

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Hi All.  I was hoping to get in out check out conditions today but it rained all morning so the roads are too soft.  Tonight it is supposed to dip to minus 5 and flurries tomorrow.  I will be on the go bright and early for a ride and will be posting an update by lunch time.  If I were to guess I’d say we are reduced to roads and trails only.  The open country looks skinned.  If it stays around zero and we get some flurries at least to keep machines cool it should be OK for the weekend……just for the roads and trails.

Sledworthy (November Edition)

Thursday, November 7th, 2013
Hi everyone,

First off I would like to say a belated THANK-YOU to all our summer season visitors and friends.  This past rafting season was fantastic…both weather wise and business wise!  We must be doing it right when everyone, hands down, walk away with a big smile on their face saying it was the best day they ever had!  What a sweet business we have here, and such a pleasure to run.  This Fall, the chalets have been super busy with a 70% occupancy rate right up until today so word is getting out.  But now my sights are set on sledding, especially since the November edition of Sledworthy hit the shelves.  We made the cover!  Too boot we made the cover on a trip we had on the first weekend of January!  Last year we rode from January first right up until the end of April.  As always, this year we will be having our snow guarantee for the month of April, so if you are one to put your sled away on March 31st, you are missing out on one of the best parts of winter….April.  I reposted last years blog post of the Sledworthy trip below with some different pics for your enjoyment.  Hopefully this year, like last year I will get to ring in the new year on sled.  If you are one of the lucky people who are booked for New Years Eve, keep an eye on my blog post for snow conditions because you might want to bring out your sleds!  Hope to see ya soon!


Sledworthy Weekend

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

Hello everyone,

Well it was a great time having the Sledworthy crew out for an awesome weekend of riding!  I officially accepted my Sledworthy award up on Hodges.  The boys were tempted to drive on to the West Coast when they saw how little snow was around the chalets.   Lets just say they were glad they stayed and they will be back!  We spent two days ripping up the backcountry.  There were some places we couldn’t get because we need another few feet of snow to get there but the roads trails are in awesome shape and the ditch bangin is coming along too….lots of deep powder along the higher roads.  We all opened up across 9 mile bog with plenty jumps along the way.  The West end of Barrens Pond is starting to drift in…not like it will be a bit later but we all had fun ripping that up for an couple hours.  There were some nice jumps too as you can see from the pics.    The climb to the ice castle was good to go too!  I still haven’t been to the Gaff but the boys in chalet #3 were and said there was lots of powder and huge drifts.    I hope to get there over the couple days.  I have been on many of the larger lakes now and there is plenty ice and plenty of snow on them so that’s all good to go.  It’s shaping up to be a great winter of riding here in Central!


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Good to go around Hodges

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

An awesome day had by all yesterday around Hodges.  I think we had more sleds at the chalets this weekend than we ever had!  As for the snow conditions there is still lots, especially in the higher elevations.  Its like April riding here now though.  If it is a cold day, conditions are hard but not ice.  I didn’t need scratchers yesterday with a 2.5 inch paddle on my sled.  On sled out of the 6 we had on tour did have overheating issues.  I just happened to have a new spare set of scratchers in the garage so we installed them and he was fine for the day.  It was a cool day so the snow didn’t soften much until a bit later but we all had a great ride.  You could go anywhere…that’s the trade-off!  We have a few days coming up with the temps rising above zero so it will be really good riding then!  Once again….lots of caribou on 9 Mile Bog.  About 50 we figured and they are so used to us they don’t even bother to stand up or stop eating anymore.  Here are a few pics!  We are wide open at the chalets for some reason for until Wednesday.  I guess people think we lost all our snow like most of the island but as you can see we did not.  Give me a call and come on out to do some riding.  We have discounted the chalets for the weekdays this week to fill em up!  Don’t listen to the rumors of no snow and don’t mind the lack of it around the chalets….there is lots of snow just 20 minutes skidoo ride fro the chalets…..guaranteed!