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Hodges just keeps getting better!

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Just got out from an afternoon trip with two chalet clients and my new ridin buddy Keith.  It snowed pretty much the whole time we were in there, meanwhile it was clear skies at the chalets.  Not the best day for pics with the snowfall and dim light but I got a few good ones worth sharing.  We tackled a pretty steep and gnarly run tonight.  It took us up a narrow line up to the base of a curtain waterfall.  You really had to hold your edge at the top to move along to the nearest line down.  Without reverse we would have slid uncontrolled into the trees.  A guy on a riding course I took in the Lewis Hills taught me that one.  It works wonders and I use it a lot!  You can stop on pretty much any slope and certainly needed it today.  Pictures never do justice though!  I’d say we will be good to go until very late April.  I won’t be posting any conditions blogs until Tuesday as we are at the Glacier Tradeshow this weekend.  If your around…..drop over for a chat.

DSC_0243DSC_0271April 11



Awesome Hill Climbing Today!

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

Well we will all sleep tonight after several hours of aggressive riding in the hills and I have no idea how many stucks.  We were a bit discouraged on the way in as it was cold and the snow was not softening at all.  I had hopes though that at the higher elevations the 8 inches or snow that fell yesterday was still dry and soft.  I was right!  Conditions we perfect….nor hard at all.  We had a blast!  A group from Gander joined us for the day who were here last week.  He couldn’t wait to get back…see his post!!!  with lots of great pics from last week.  The only difference is a fair bit more snow since those pics were taken.  Keith Peyton from GFW was with us as well.  He is an awesome rider who usually traveled west but I’d say he will spend a lot more time into Hodges now.  Nice having you today Keith! 


Update on Hodges

Saturday, April 6th, 2013

Just getting out from a Hodges trip.  It is amazing how just an hour ago, 15 kilometers away we were in a snow storm with high winds and 8 inches of dense powder.  Here at the chalets right now it looks like I should be storing the machine for the season.  Its also amazing how many people I know who already have their sleds stored and summarized.  For those of you who do not we have our annual April offering – snow or your money back until the 15th, guaranteed or your money back.  For the last 6 years we have had some of our best rides in mid to late April.   I did not take any pictures today because it was too stormy but we have more snow now than the last post.  I am hearing the same is true for the West Coast…lotsa snow so keep sledding!

Hodges Excellent!

Monday, April 1st, 2013

What a weekend on Hodges!   It has been snowing since Wednessday and the riding is awesome.  We had a mixed group this weekend so I took the Lewis Hillbillies in the day before so they could break from the group and have some hill climbing fun en route today.  Worked out great and all hands had a great day!  There is loads of snow in the hills and you can go anywhere you want and we went everywhere.  I am sure the Gaff is awesome too.  Got a couple really nice pics today…..have a look.DSC_0130DSC_0125DSC_0145DSC_0178


Testimonial from Today

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

I thought it would a good thing to add this testimonial to todays blog.  Have a read……

Lew & Mark – CBS
Chalet Rental – Snowmobile Tour

March 28, 2013
Thanks again Paul,
Mark, Des, Andrew. Joe and I had the repeat pleasure of free riding with our friend Paul Rose, the owner of Riverfront and the Ambassador of snowmobiling in Central Newfoundland, truly a great Father and Son multi-generational experience that will not be forgotten. Having made the mandatory West Coast pilgrimage two weeks ago my sledding’ Buddy Des and I asked each other why drive the extra kilometers when you can experience the greatest terrain you could ever ask to ride minutes from the best accommodations anywhere in Atlantic Canada. Listen to Paul’s Blog his report on Snow Conditions are truly accurate, 8" of fresh spring powder today, the season is not done in Central wow!
Thanks from all of us.

Awesome riding at Hodges! March 28th

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

It’s Thursday evening now and we are just getting back from Hodges.  Actually most of them didn’t want to leave and stayed back for another couple hours.  This group has been here before and know how different it can be just 10 km North.  Still they were blown away by the difference…it’s like someone turned on the snow switch at about 1000ft up.  Here at the chalets there is no fresh snow and we had to pick around exposed dirt here and there to get in.  However, 20 minutes later we were carving 6 inches or fresh powder on a bottomless base of snow.  As said on previous posts there are a few places where the wind took most of the snow off of the tops of hills but as you can see from the pictures it is still winter wonderland here.  The same group is headed to the Gaff Topsails (White Hills area) tomorrow.  If Hodges blew them away with the riding the Gaff surely will.  Expect a testimonial later this evening on the blog from them about todays trip.  We had a few stucks today climbing around the hills!  Enjoy the pics!




Sunday, March 24th, 2013

I had a group in around Hodges yesterday.  I expected Peace Bog to be pretty bare but it was not.  It was pretty good going!  Not knowing what 9 Mile Bog was like we took Boyd’s Trail out to Hodges Pass.  When we climbed the pass we were able to see 9 mile and it looked really good.  We still opted to stay in the hills as we were having so much fun.  I emailed some chalet clients who were on 9 Mile the day before after and he confirmed lots of snow on 9 Mile the New Bay road system.  Once again, other than a few spots there on the roads where the warm wind took the snow down the riding is excellent.  There is lots of solid ice in the lakes and no trouble finding spots to cross the brooks.  I am going to upgrade the conditions to excellent again but keep in mind that on cold days or mornings after cold nights scratchers may be required.  Also, I suspect soon we will have to trailer about three kilometers in Cornfield Road only because of trucks tearing up the road. 

Hodges Today

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Matt, the owner of Lakeside at Thorburn showed up today.  I was busy all day catching up on office work after so many days riding but it doesn’t take me much excuse for me to jump on the sled and go for a rip into Hodges so off we went.  Here at the chalets most of the snow from the last two snowfalls had melted.  Cornfield Road is getting pretty thin now for the first 2 km.  In  the hills though….a different story entirely!  Six to eight inches of powder was still on the ground once you get above the roads.  Matt and I had a ball climbing around.  I even got a few places I haven’t been before.   Matt was very impressed to say the least!  Have a look at todays pics.  Matt will no doubt be downloading the one of him in the air!  Thanks for riding with me today Matt and tell all your buddies how good the riding is out here now.  For anyone wondering we have a cancelation for this weekend for #4.  If you want to get some good hill riding in come on out!




Gaff Topsails

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

What a trip yesterday!  Three of us took a trip to the Gaff yesterday and what a blast.  It was still hard in places but about 6 inches of snow fell the night before and blew some huge drifts up.  Some of them so big I just had to pass them up as the machine would just burrow in and stick (wish I had a longer track yesterday but the Freeride preformed very well I must say).  That’s one pick of blasting up through a drift…if you look close you can see the machine coming up through!  We spent about an hour ripping up this one!  I know the pics are not that great but I am getting used to a digital SLR.



Great News!

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Now I am HAPPY!  Woke up this morning to see the river full of ice again and at least 6 inches of snow on the ground.  That’s all we needed and more to come!   Heading to the Gaff again today…cant wait!  I remember the same thing happened last year but we lost even more snow that this time.  My last ride in 2012 was April 19th and it was awesome day on the sleds….lets hope for the same this year.