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Thank you everyone!

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

I would like to thank everyone who visited us this past summer.  I expect we had our last tour last weekend (but don’t stop coming…the river is still flowing and Fall canoeing is the best!) and we had several swimmers at the chute.  We all had a blast!  We enjoyed each and everyone’s company over this past season and consider you all to be friends.  What a great job we have!  I am looking forward to this winter for skiing and snowmobiling but I sure miss being on the river everyday.

Three out of four chalets are completed and the fourth is near.  We have had over 30 rental nights since late August and the response is extremely positive.  The hot tub is a huge hit!  We have had families, reunions and many honeymooners.  Suprisingly almost half of the chalet clients were from Grand Falls-Windsor.  This is great to see as they are sure to be back.  We have already taken bookings up to Labor Day next year!  We are nearly full for New Years….anyone for Christmas? 

As many of you know we design our business growth and changes around what you guys want.  At the later part of the rafting season, we asked you all if you would like to see UTV rentals (those side by side ATVs that are all the rage) .  Pretty much all of you told us it would be a great option to have at the chalets.  Well, we bought a 4 seater; basically a small jeep like vehicle.   We had a honeymoon couple rent it yesterday and they had a great time touring around the back trails.  They even took Key and Nook.  I am sure many of you will try this thing out.  It is great fun. 

Anyway, sorry for the lengthy blog entry but it is the first to the site and I had a lot to say.  Hope to see you guys this winter.  We will take a run into our backcounrty chalet and have a boil-up!