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Hot Tub update

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

Hello everyone.  Just a quick note for new and returning customers about the hot tub.  The tub is now turned 180 degrees so the two recliner seats are facing the river.  Also, the owner of Bubbas Tubs was here and set the tub up as salt water.  The water is crystal clear!  The cover lifter is now installed and nicely suspended between the chalets and the tub wich gives you some more privacy.  We will be starting on the tub deck next week…going to be nice!  By the way those of you who have been in the tub and are interested in getting one yourself you should contact Greg at Bubbas Tubs in St John’s.  He is a great guy and will bend over backwrds for his customers an his products are top quality!  Now that I have one, I will never be without one…very theraputic.  Talk to you soon