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Gaff Topsails Tour (Saturday Feb 21st)

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Had an awesome trip to the Gaff today with the Jenkins group.  There was no wind early this morning, it was warm and the sky was clear and blue so we had good expectations for a Gaff crossing.  We left at 10am and traveled the “groomed trail” to Rocky Brook Camps on Badger Lake where we met up with Leo.  From there we headed cross country though PowderHorn Lake, Dawes Pond and onto South Brook.  Instead of heading to the Gaff via Little Sandy Pond we turned South and traveled up South Brook for about 18 KM.  The ride was very nice as we broke the trail up the brook.  It was not long before we saw caribou on the brook…four of them.  Within 200 meters up stream from the caribou a moose struggled up the steep bank.  He was far deeper than his belly.  We gave him lots of space so he wouldn’t feel too pressured to get over the embankment….we had lots of time to observe him.  By the time we stopped for lunch (after gaining significant altitude) it became blustery and we decided the going was much better on the fringes of the Gaff.  We continued up South Brook until we found an passage to the open country to the East.  From there we picked our way to a logging road that lead to little Joe Glodes Pond.  Very nice going with lots of snow up here!  We saw several Ptarmigan which I got within 5 feet of for pictures.  I posted them and the caribou under chalets on the website.  Lot of machines on the groomed trail on the way back to the Chalets.  Helped a group from St. Johns get a snowmachine out of the ditch.  He was stuck pretty good and head-on into a tree.  Not too difficult for my widetrack Expedition though.  I just backed through the powder, tied on to the machine and hauled it to the trail.  Ther were pretty impressed with my machine I think!  Looking forward to the next trip.

Distance traveled 135km

Gaff Topsails Tour (Friday Feb 13th)

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

OK thats enough snow now for a couple days!  Took the Cahill group to Hodges today.  Got as far as the edge, Mary March Brook and decided to head back to lower ground.  Not a big lot falling at this point but a lot blowing around.  We were hoping to play in the drifts for a while but the way the wind was blowing, directly over the top, you couldn’t see a thing as you approached.  We decided to head to Bakepot to a friends chalet for lunch.  A good bit of the trail was not touched since the last storm so breaking the trail was fun.  Sooo much powder!  The guys were having a great time zipping around on their crotch rockets.  The other machines were confined to the beaten path to avoid getting stuck.  It was a lot nicer weatherwise down here than on the Gaff.  It was getting late so we took a short-cut to cut off some of the groomed trail back to the chalets.  Very nice bunch and a good day in the powder.

Distance traveled 165km

Hodges Hills Tour (Wednessday Feb 11th)

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Another great day with the Haley group!  Left 10:30 this morning and headed into Hodges.  Lots of snow with huge drifts.  Took the Aspen gullies – Aspen Pond route to stay off the groomed trail as much as possible.  The trail up to Hodges was beautiful with all the fresh snow on the branches.  A few drifts near the top caused a few difficulties but the climb was worth it.  It was actually bearable without gloves on up there so we got a few nice snaps.  The ride down over the shoulder was very nice.  Lots of moose, caribou and coyote tracks.  When we got to the chalet we all chipped in to get the fire in and the kettle on.  The camp warmed up quickly with the sun shining in the large windows facing South.  The guys took up a load of salt fish and salty it was, even after 2 – 3 soakings…but it was thick and good!  We broke the trail over to Mary-Anne Lake where we got some nice shots of jumping snow drifts.  Some of them are posted in the gallery under chalets.  Headed back out the 10-mile route.  Great day…great people!

Distance traveled-92km

Gaff Topsails Tour (Monday Feb 10th)

Friday, February 13th, 2009

If you want snow…its in central!  Had a great day on the Gaff with the Haley group.  Most of the guys work offshore and were ready for a few days out…14 of them in all.  Left 9:30 for the gaff, and had a playful run en route with lots of powder and drifts along the groomed trail.  Mary March Brook had drifts that were in access of 20 feet in height and made for some nice jumps and high-marking.  Liam, who had an on-off switch for a throttle on a crotch rocket had a ball!  You can see a few pics of some good jumps on the website under chalets.  Had an open fire with hot drinks, sandwiches, marinated moose ect.  We followed the brook up to the quarry where it was a white-out from a ground storm so we headed back down to the junction, did some exploring and headed back home.  Great day and a great bunch of guys!  I am sure I had just as much fun as they did…we were all sore, but that didn’t dampen our enthusiasm for the Hodges trip the following day.

Distance traveled-180km

Hodges Hill Tour (Saturday Feb 8th)

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Hello everone,

Had an awesome trip into Hodges Hill yesterday with the Timmons group.  They are a group of nurses and spouses from the Gander hospital.  We left at 10:30, rode to the 2cnd level of Hodges (too difficult to get to the top), down over the shoulder and on to the lodge.  We had a big pot of soup, rolls, cookies cheese ect.  Thanks to Joy for the delicous meal!  An absolutely beautiful day with the sun shining in the front windows.  After a good warm-up we took a quick dart up to 9 mile bog before heading out over the other side of the hill to the chalets.  It was so nice out we decided to continue on the have a look at the Badger Chute.  We got back just after dark.  The night was stunning!  The group was 16 including two guides.  Heading up to the Gaff Topsails on Tuesday with a group.  Hope the high country co-operates! 

Distance travelled-86km


Wireless Internet Now Working!

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Just a note to let everyone know that our chalets now have wireless internet!  Its been a learning process for me but it is now installed and working well.  Feels good to have that one out of the way.  Thanks.


Hodges Trip

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Hello everyone,

Took a trip into Hodges yesterday.  Perfect going on snowmobile and the Hodges trail was the best I’ve seen it yet.  I never went all the way to the top as we never had time but made it up past the tree-line.  The ride down over the shoulder could use a little more snow but still good going.  Saw four caribou in front of the chalet on Monica Lake.  They didn’t mind me getting a little close for a picture and never did hurry away.  The rise out the other side of Hodges via 10 mile was very nice too.  For the group coming this weekend…you are in for a very nice ride to Hodges and lunch at the camp!  I uploaded a few pictures in the gallery under Chalets, climbing Hodges, the caribou and sunset on Hodges.  Bye for now!