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Gaff Topsails Tour (Monday Feb 10th)

Friday, February 13th, 2009

If you want snow…its in central!  Had a great day on the Gaff with the Haley group.  Most of the guys work offshore and were ready for a few days out…14 of them in all.  Left 9:30 for the gaff, and had a playful run en route with lots of powder and drifts along the groomed trail.  Mary March Brook had drifts that were in access of 20 feet in height and made for some nice jumps and high-marking.  Liam, who had an on-off switch for a throttle on a crotch rocket had a ball!  You can see a few pics of some good jumps on the website under chalets.  Had an open fire with hot drinks, sandwiches, marinated moose ect.  We followed the brook up to the quarry where it was a white-out from a ground storm so we headed back down to the junction, did some exploring and headed back home.  Great day and a great bunch of guys!  I am sure I had just as much fun as they did…we were all sore, but that didn’t dampen our enthusiasm for the Hodges trip the following day.

Distance traveled-180km