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Sledding Conditions in Central

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Hello everyone.  I apologize for the lack of Blog updates since this Fall.  Been busy sledding pretty well everyday!  Its been a struggle all winter convincing people we have snow here, and lots of it.  I realize how dismal it looks as you drive by the chalets but i9ts actually been a pretty good winter just North of the chalets.  In fact, its been the best year in my memory for getting to the tower top of Hodges!  Customer feedback for this season, like last season, has been 100% overwhelmingly fantastic!  Thanks for all the compliments and encouragement guys…we have to adapt the slogan “come as customers, leave as friends”.  I know its old and overused but it suits us so perfectly!  The season is far from over yet so if you haven’t got your fill of sledding yet, come on out to Central and treat yourself.  See the picture I have attached taken 2 days ago on the Gaff.  It is Hinds Hill and winter wonderland doesn’t even come close to describing it!  This year has been a fantastic year for pics.  I have a new Nikon SLR which is always on my back and always in use.  It has been paying off.  Check out our facebook page for all the best pics from this season.  We still have a couple openings for this weekend which I suspect won’t last long and if, by freak of nature we lose our snow, your downpayment will be refunded.  What have you got to lose?  Come on out and go sledding!


Not a rock or tree to be seen! Just point the skis and go!