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Last Day for Hodges Hills

Monday, April 5th, 2010

A sad day for me!  You all know how much I enjoy snowmobiling.  It all went out with a bang yesterday.  We had two great tours to end it off though!  Friday was fantastic.  Still lots of snow but it got pretty soft towards the end of the day.  However we still did the regular route to the top of Hodges, through Peace Valley, back-country chalet, Monica Bog and out.  We only had one small brook go out on us which wasn’t a big deal.    It was over 20 degrees and we were riding with shirts or thin jackets on.  On the way back out to greet Saturdays tour (my family was spending Easter in the back-country chalet) it was clear the snow was going to take a beating that day.  I met the group, drove to the top of Hodges and looked down on Peace Valley (where I passed just 2 hours before with very little slush evident) and saw that the  whole valley was filling up with water.  It looked like fun to me and after consulting with the group, we decided that we would take the fun route….through Peace Valley where we normally go.  Keep in mind the water was not deep and the group was very interested at learning what this “skipping water” was all about.  It was a laugh!  I would go through first on my wide track which cleared the slush which filled in with water and the group, one by one would follow.  Out of the group there was only one guy who had skipped water before so it was a wonderful learning experience for them all as they found out the true capabilities of them and their machines.  I think when it came to the Peace Valley portion of the trip we did more sea-doing than ski-dooing with no incidents and no-one getting stuck.    All arrived to the back-country chalet with-out incident.  One exception actually…a brand new floater coat got sucked into the suspension and torn to shreds.   In hindsight we all had a good laughat that.   The temp at the chalet was nearly 20 degrees and sunny…a beautiful day and it was hard to leave.  We had lots of water skipping up to the higher country again with one ski doo getting stuck which only took a few minutes to get out.  There is till lots of snow on the back-country roads, over 2 feet for much of it.  I was in for a ride this morning.  With these higher temps though, it won’t last long.  Now its a waiting game until enough snow is melted off the tracks to get to the Gaff Topsails where I hope to get another couple weeks.  Other than that, my cousin and I are heading to the West coast for some playing soon.   As you all know I am very grateful for all the snowmobilers who rode and toured with us this year and I thank you all.   I make so many freinds with this lucky am I at all?  Now the only thing I have to do is prevent that pit that is proposed for just upstream of us.  Please visit for more details.  See you all next year and even this summer for most of you.