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Bring on the SNOW!!

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Hello everyone!  It’s been a while since I posted to our blog but it’s been a very busy summer!  We have two more rafting tours to go before hauling the snow machines out.  Can’t wait!  I was sitting on her in the shed a few times over the summer dreaming of snow.  I hope we get at least as much snow as we did last year…it was the best year yet for climbing Hodges all the way to the “ice castle”.  We had some late season trips to Hinds Hill right up until early April.  Our last Hodges tour, Easter Sunday was a blast as I think we skipped more water than we drove on snow.  We were nominated for the Ernest & Young award for that one….came close but never won.  Unfortunately, with several days of 20 degrees, it softened up the road to the point where we couldn’t reach the snow anymore.  I did drive in a few colder mornings and get a few more days riding in though.  My last trip of the year was to Mount Peyton which was around mid-April.  (Hodges is nicer though ha ha!).  Looking forward to seeing many of you back again this year.  We recruited lots of new customers aboard the rafts this summer, many of which have already booked their sledding trip so if you’re coming back, I wouldn’t wait too long to book.  Remember, it’s cheaper on week-days!  See you!