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Current Conditions

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Hello everyone,

A quick note to keep you updated on the current snow conditions.  We still have lots….same as the last post except for its hard in the mornings but softens up when the sun comes up. The good about morning runs is that you can go absolutely anywhere.   We have been sledding everyday.  200km at the Gaff yesterday where the amount of snow is unbelievable!  Some of the cabins are still nearly buried.  The going was pretty good as you could cruise along 40 – 50 kms easily. A foot of powder to top it off or a warmer day would be better.   Today we went hill climbing again into Hogdges.  We waited until lunch time before heading in.  Not sure what the temp was but I wearing a thin shirt under my teck vest all day and was very comfortable.  With the snow softened up the going was excellent!   Please see the posted pics below which I took today.   We have a few warm days starting tomorrow but I don’t think it will effect us much as there is so much snow left, but will keep you updated.   To deal with the rumors on the East Coast about the snow conditions here in Central (which we are known to have none) we have mounted an additional sign on our premises highway sign.  It says “CURRENT SNOW CONDITIONS”.  Below this sign I have a slot in which to place one of three signs which read “EXCELLENT, GOOD or POOR”.  This I guarantee to be accurate so if your friend is driving by please ask him to refer to the posted conditions, not the sight of (or lack there-of) snow on the the  highway.   Right now I have posted “EXCELLENT”.