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Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Snow Condition April 12th

Just a quick update to inform those of you already booked or thinking about it.  This picture was taken about 4 km from the chalets in Cornfield road.  There is about two feet of snow on the road but I haven’t even gained much elevation at this point.  From here on in the snow depth will build steadily.  I’d say there is at least 4 feet of snow in the backcountry yet.   I checked the ice this morning and there is loads…just stay away from the entries of brooks.  We still have some availability on weekends and lots on the weekdays.  Please check the availability calender on our website.  I see no reason why there won’t be plenty snow next weekend as well (and maybe even beyond).  I would like to remind you that if you book in for snowmobiling, conditions deterioate and you cancel, you will be entitled for a full refund.  Even if the snow disappears it is a beautiful time of year here.   This morning I was chatting with some clients on the chalet deck while watching  rabbits browsing all around us.  Even a partridge as white as the snow walked across the veranda.   We have a tours to the Gaff and Hodges this weekend so I will be posting more updated pictures on Monday.