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Special Offer for Rafting this Summer!

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

As a special thank you for visiting our blog, we are giving you all the opportunity to purchase your 2011 rafting adventure at the 2010 prices of just $99/adult!

We have always insisted in providing our clients with the very best experience possible. We use the best quality equipment, we hire the best quality and most professional river guides, and we serve only the best quality foods. In order to continue operating at our top notch level of service, we are forced to put through our first price increase in several years. Effective June 15, 2011 our Badger Run rafting adventure will be $109 per adult, but our level of service will continue to be the absolute best in the world!

This rate increase does not affect any clients who have already booked their vacations, and also will not affect anyone who books their summer rafting adventure before June 15, 2011!

So don’t delay, visit now to book your summer rafting adventure at our 2010 rates!

See you on the river!

Meet Our 2011 Raft Guides – Part 2: Piers

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

The next guide in our series is Piers. Piers will be joining us for his first season rafting on the Exploits River. Piers comes with a great deal of whitewater experience, and although he’s a mainlander, he has already had some unique adventures in our great province that I’m sure he’d love to tell you all about!

"This is my first season out on the Exploits River and I’m very excited for it. This will be my second season rafting as what some might call a ‘professional’, but I have taken many boats of various shapes and sizes down many rivers because really, it’s hard to get enough!

Thankfully I am able to use rafting to support my other bad habit: travel, as well as my somewhat better habit: school.

Well, I am another export of Ontario, however over the past few years I have been living and working all over this huge country. It’s been an amazing experience getting to know new parts of the country, new people and new and exciting rivers. So I am looking forward to this season with much anticipation, a new adventure awaits us all!

See you on the river!"

Meet Our 2011 Raft Guides – Part 1: Geoff

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

As we start to make our summer preparations, we wanted to get in the spirit of things by running a short feature on each of our 2011 raft guides. We always manage to find some pretty interesting characters around here, and we would like you all to get to know them better before we kick off the season.

We’ll start off with Geoff, who is a returning guide from our 2010 season…

"I’m an adventure loving new daddy from Ontario. I moved to Newfoundland to work doing a job I love and raise my daughter where the air is clean and the people are wonderful. I enjoy adventure activities of all sorts, from rollercoasters to rock climbing. I love to take flat water canoe trips to go camping once in a while too, but I have the most fun when the water is a bit rougher.

This is my second year running rafting trips down the Exploits River and it never gets old! I’ve taken kayaks, rafts, and a rubber dingy down the rapids and I have plenty of stories about the fun times that I’ve been a part of on this river. I am looking forward to making new memories and new stories with the guests on the river this year."