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Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Snow Conditions 10-27-11 128

Last week we had the privilege of having Amber Holt as a guest in our chalets.  Amber is a well respected snowmobile instructor (check out here bio here) and was BLOWN AWAY by the snow conditions here at Hodges!

Keep in mind, these pictures were taken last week BEFORE all the snow fell across the rest of the island!  The day Paul and Amber set out on the Kawasaki Mule it was 8 degrees Celsius at the chalets with not a trace of snow to be found anywhere. 

By the time they reached the Hodges Hill area (only 15km from our chalets) they were in a winter wonderland with a foot and a half snow base in most areas!  The snow was so deep that they had to cancel the trip after winching out the Mule a number of times.  Both Paul and Amber were wishing that they brought out their sleds instead!

Amber has explored most of the continent on snowmobile, and even so she was amazed and impressed that we have this gem literally right on the doorstep of our chalets.

If this is what the Hodges Hill area looked like BEFORE we received a foot of snow in Grand Falls-Windsor, could you imagine what it’s like out there now?  The snowmobile season may be here earlier than you think!

Speaking of the snowmobile season, our chalets are booking up fast for February and March!  If you plan to spend some time basking in the luxury of our chalets and experiencing the best sledding on the island, make sure you book soon!  

See you on the trails!