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Awesome Conditions!

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Just got back from an awesome ride!  After the snow this weekend we now have lots.  The bogs are good to go and even the cutovers are not too bad.  We even got up the the two ponds on Hodges (this will mean quite a bit to those of you who know this climb)…winter wonderland up there!  Unfortunately all the weekends are full until the end of March but we have weekdays open.  For those of you who are not familiar with the area and the length of the season…last year we were riding in the first week of May.  So if you want to get some quality riding in and the West Coast is too far you…we are only 4.5 hours from St. Johns and we rent sleds so come on out!


Snow Conditions EXCELLENT!

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Just a quick update to say that the overall snowmobiling conditions have been upgraded to EXCELLENT!  We will have a detailed report for you with some pictures on this blog later this evening.

Happy sledding!

South Brook–New Bay Loop

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Two weeks ago four friends and I did a trip from the chalets to South Brook via Warrs road.  We had an excellent lunch at Eddies Restaurant and headed on through to Kippen’s Ridge, Seal Bay Bog, Frozen Ocean lake, 9 Mile Bog, Hodges and back to the chalets.  It was definitely one of the best trips in my life for sure!  Today, we did a the same loop and added in the leg to Roberts Arm.  I have to say, if you like hilly landscape with lots of sharp turns and beautiful views you should do this trip!  Its about 220KM of consistent pure fun!  For those of you familiar with the trip from Deer Lake to and up White River road this trip is very similar with the same kind of terrain and trails.  The only exception for the better was the leg to Roberts Arm which is like a amusement park ride with constant sharp turns and quick inclines and drops.  The trail was in really good shape until we got about two km from town where heavy traffic had made the trail way too rough to travel at a fun speed.  We turned around at this point before and headed back to continue our trip but I will never be able to pass that side trip up again.  I will be posting the track on this blog soon so if you have the time, download it and ride this loop.  You will be glad you did!


Snow Conditions Feb 20th

Monday, February 20th, 2012

After a week of icy conditions mother nature dropped almost a foot of snow on us Saturday night.  The roads and trails are in great shape again!   As before the bogs are passable but still need more snow.   We just had a trip around Hodges and the crew of 14 had a great time with lots of powder on the roads and trails.  I would rate the roads trails as excellent if they were groomed as they should be but if you know what areas to avoid they are not too bad. 


Snow Conditions Downgrade

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Well the rain certainly took it’s toll.  I have never seen this happen in February before but we lost most of our snow.  I just did a 20 KM loop in around Hodges and the conditions are as follows.  Cornfield road is mostly ice with hard snow on the sides.  All the side roads that haven’t been used much are decent going but still some icy stretches.  The back roads around Hodges are a mixture of good going and icy stretches as well.  I don’t know what it is like up around Badger Lake and Dawes Pond but I would expect might be a little better than around Hodges because that area had a lot more snow to begin with.  So if you are already booked in to go riding I’d say come on out and bring your machine.   You can still get around under the above conditions and it won’t take much snow on the ice to make for good riding on the roads and trails.  If nothing else you can easily get in around and have a boil-up or do some ice-fishing.  Right now though I am downgrading the conditions report to poor. 

Snow Disappearing

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Unfortunately we are getting nailed with a lot of rain and what snow we had is disappearing fast.  I won’t be able to get around until tomorrow to check things out but it doesn’t look good,  Disregard the “Excellent”  rating for now.  I am amazed to see this amount of rain this time of year….the world is changing! 

Snow Conditions a Go!

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Hello all,

I hope you are all out enjoying the snow….I know I am! I have the snow conditions on the web site upgraded to excellent but that rating requires a little more information.

The roads and trails are in excellent shape. I haven’t been right to the top of Hodges but the trail to the highest shoulder is perfect going and looks good beyond.  9-Mile bog is good to go and the lakes and ponds are perfect.

I just had an exploratory trip to the Gaff yesterday and conditions there are awesome. In fact, I think it was one of the better days I ever had riding! Mary March Brook was a hoot with endless 8-10 foot drifts to bust through and drop. Unfortunately I was having so much fun I forgot to take any pictures so I grabbed the couple posted in the blog on the way home.

There are a couple places where we need more snow. One is Peace Valley on the steep side of Hodges. You can get through no sweat but not a lot of powder and the short section through the woods on the lower end of Peace pond requires some picking through. We also had to cross a rough cut-over to get the Warr’s Road on the way to the Gaff. It was passable but annoying. What’s on the other side though was well worth it! We also checked out South Brook and it was awesome conditions there as well. Heading up to the Gaff with a group again tomorrow. Can’t wait!