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Snow Conditions Downgrade

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Well the rain certainly took it’s toll.  I have never seen this happen in February before but we lost most of our snow.  I just did a 20 KM loop in around Hodges and the conditions are as follows.  Cornfield road is mostly ice with hard snow on the sides.  All the side roads that haven’t been used much are decent going but still some icy stretches.  The back roads around Hodges are a mixture of good going and icy stretches as well.  I don’t know what it is like up around Badger Lake and Dawes Pond but I would expect might be a little better than around Hodges because that area had a lot more snow to begin with.  So if you are already booked in to go riding I’d say come on out and bring your machine.   You can still get around under the above conditions and it won’t take much snow on the ice to make for good riding on the roads and trails.  If nothing else you can easily get in around and have a boil-up or do some ice-fishing.  Right now though I am downgrading the conditions report to poor.