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Another Storm Hits!

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Its finally shaping up!  Another storm hit us this week…just in time for the Tony  West Group too.  The bys are here on their 3rd consecutive year now and already planning a the 4th!  The first day was during the storm on Hodges.  What a blast!  I’d say we had at least 60 stucks…thank God for the sno-bungee.  Tony caused an avalanche on the landing drift and slid into the trees.  I was there today and the drift is at least 40 feet high now.  Needless to say, I didn’t attempt it today.  We spent a good 2 hours trying to climb the North side but couldn’t get much past the base.  Hodges Pass was awesome although we thought it wise not to try the South side because of time and a couple inexperienced riders.  We had lots of fun and stucks on the North side though.   That’s my Expedition after darting up a steep side to highmark around a large fir tree in the background.  Got around the tree easy enough but dropped into a hole….no camera tricks required in that pic as the machine was down past the hood.  Look familiar Jay P.? LOL  Yes, that is two wide tracks stuck side by side.  Tony was the star of the day with lots of air and the only one to climb the landing drift.



The next day I wanted to spice it up for the bys.  They have been to the Gaff several times already so I though it would be the perfect time for the South Brook loop again with all the powder.  As you can see from the pic we certainly were pushing powder with a steady supply constantly flying over the hood.  It was a hard day for frozen goggles for everyone.  As for the short tracks they had to stop on a level and behind another machine.  That’s me in front.  After a good meal at Eddies Restaurant we pushed on breaking trails most of the way.  Anyone who could carve was carving much of the way.  It was a phenomenal day and for all the guys it was the best day they had ever spent on a machine.  I think I should rename the South Brook Loop to the Kippens Ridge Expedition with 220 KM of every kind of snowmobiling you can have!