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Winter Roller Coaster

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

As many of you are aware we had two days of high temperatures and high winds and the snow took a huge cutting.  The roads and trails are still in really good shape with plenty depth for the most part but we need some powder on top to make for a comfortable ride.  We had a big group out yesterday and they all came back raving about the trip despite the hard packed snow.  We had to alter the route to stick to the roads for the most part but they were in really good shape so we had fun.  On the last part of the day we went to Hodges Pass where the snow was still pretty dry and the going was great.    You could go anywhere!  All we need is for the excess water to run out of the brooks and valleys and some snow on top and we will be in great shape again.    Anyways, for now I have downgraded the conditions to good.

The first picture below is from the shoulder of the Main Top on the Gaff.   Some areas lost much snow from the wind but you can easily get around them. Once we got to the quarry area there was loads of snow. The second picture was also the Gaff and the 3rd was Hodges Pass.



There were lots of machines on the go yesterday as we hosted Rendezvous 2012.  I am on the organization committee but I was too busy with tours to participate.  I just heard from another committee member who told me the weekend went very well.  Because Grand Falls – Windsor lost pretty well all the snow the group had to trailer as far as Red Cliff (10 km East of here) to unload.  Other than that the ride went very well other than two machine overheated a couple times.  Interestingly enough they were trail machines and all the mountain machines did fine.  Another great event for sure!