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Great Weekend!

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Not over yet!  Just had a great weekend on the sleds with an awesome group.  Although the roads and trails were hard dues to the temperature we had about an inch of snow fall on Saturday which kept the machines cool.  Lots of snow in Hodges.   The open country through Peace Valley is still nearly void of snow in places but there is enough to pick your way though.  We could have avoided it and kept to the trails but the view, as always, is too much to pass up.  A few stucks in around Hodges Pass but a great time had by all!  We decided to truck to Dawes Pond Road on Saturdays Gaff tour as we had some people two up.  I also knew that conditions in the Mary March Brook area were excellent and wanted to spend the bulk of our day there.  We had 4 new guys join our group today and two of them had overheating issue so it was a good thing we started at Dawes Pond or it would have been a very long day.  Interestingly, they were both on Yamahas with 4 cylinders.  There were two other Yamahas there with 3 cylinders and didn’t have a hitch.  They were all very similar machines.   The temperature stayed very cold all day which kept the trails hard until we got to the Mary March Brook area where there was loads of soft snow to play in.  With 15 machines we ripped up the brook from one end to the other…a great time and certainly no overheating!  For those of you booked in next week we are supposed to get snow on Monday and Tuesday….30 to 40 cm!  We are in for an awesome week of snowmobiling!  For those of you thinking about coming out you should tell the boss you are sick and come out to ride Sheila’s Brush"!