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Conditions Update

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Had a great tour today and all hands considered the conditions to be excellent.  I am going to leave it at good on the site for now because the open country is still not what I consider to be excellent.  The roads and trails were excellent riding however and  so are the lakes and ponds.  The forecast for this area is 0 or colder (much colder with the wind) and some snow pretty well everyday for the next week….so that looks very good for a normal length season as we have always reached the end of April.  It snowed all day into Hodges but not at the chalets.  We got about 5 inches here but about 10 – 12 inches into Hodges.   For now my main goal is to burn gas and get what I can out of the rest of the season!

Just got more snow!

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Due to another dump of 5 inches last night and more on the way I have to upgrade to very good or even excellent as the trails (at least where we ride) are nice and flat and now have this powder on top of the hard pack.  Just heading out on tour now and will update again this evening.