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Great New Playspot!

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

My brother came in for his annual late winter snowmobile trip and I took advantage of the time to explore some routes in my own backyard and boy did I find some gems this past few days.  What I set out to do is map another quick access to Kippen’s Ridge, an area I have been riding frequently this winter.  I did find a route via Mary Ann Lake -South Twin Lake-Gull Lake and on to Seal Bay Bog.  What I found on the way was even more exiting.  Hills and lots of them all fairly open with spaced trees, bowl-like gulches and lots of snow.  I spent the last two days in there and intend on returning soon…this weekend at the latest.  We have a good forecast this week with 10-15 cm of snow on the way.   We were having so much fun in the hills I neglected my camera duties but I did get a couple shots attached to this post.  Its still winter wonderland back there!