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Gaff Snow Conditions–Excellent!

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Well I finally go to the Gaff today and what a ball we had.  Although there is not a lot of snow on some open country areas and lots more on others you could still point you skis and go!  Now if you know where the play areas are its no sweat to find endless drifts like the ones we ripped up today.  I can’t wait to get the Backcountry back there this weekend but I had no hesitation making the Expedition 1200 beast fly today!  We had so much fun we hardly stopped for pictures.   We took the long route up there but came back the Trans-C-Rail which to my surprise, were not too bad.  Time to get the groomer on the go NLSF!!  Seems like everyone is due for a warmer day on Thursday.  I suspect and hope that this will be below 0 and snow up on the Gaff.   We saw one lone moose and then three together. 

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January 28th Update

Monday, January 28th, 2013

While things have improved significantly I am still going to leave the conditions as good… just to be safe.  All the roads and trails are in really good shape.  The ditch banging has been steadily improving as well.   I took a bunch of young guys into Hodges in search of powder play and found plenty.  We spent about two hours of our run hill climbing between the trees last Saturday and had a ball.  I pasted one of their testimonials below.  Almost lost them though….once again due to people in Grand Falls – Windsor assuming there is no snow in the backcountry.   It’s a constant battle with that!  Anyhow I convinced then to stay and were very pleased to say the least.  I posted a picture of a truck which went off the road just in from the chalets about 500 meters.  That’s what happens when you drive on snowmobile trails LOL!  I went in and hauled them out with the back hoe all the same.    


“We arrived in Grandfalls January 21st, 2013 with high expectations of lots of snow , we booked the riverfront chalets and a snowmobile tour for 2 days . The conditions along the highway and in Grandfalls were very discouraging , Also we stopped into  town to pick up supply’s for our stay,and the local residents were encouraging us to go more west to find the snow as they thought the snowmobiling conditions in Grandfalls were horrible because of the amount of Snow in town ,  well let me tell you that DO NOT go by the conditions close to the highway or in the town of Grandfalls because Paul and the rest of the gang from riverfront chalets will bring you to the snow and let you have the time of your life , myself and my buddies were very thankful that we stuck  it out and gave Riverftont Chalets a chance and never ventured on further to the west coast !”

Division No. 6, Subd. C-20130126-00322

Jan 18th Update

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Hello everyone,

Well there are many people waiting for this update so I will get to the point.  I have downgraded the conditions to GOOD a few days ago because I was suspicious of how much damage Sunday and Monday’s weather had on the backcountry.  It was warm island wide with about 5 degrees here in Central.  We lost a lot of snow on the windswept areas like open bogs and highpoints on roads.  However, I was still able to drive 60 km and hour across most of 9 mile bog today.  As you can see from the picture there is lots of grass in view but still pretty level and very few rocks exposed.  Although it is pretty hard in places it is not ice and it is no trouble to be breaking through enough to keep most machines cool, with powder in places.   I saw 7 or 8 caribou today….they are here for the winter now.  As for the roads and trails…..for the most part pretty good going although a bit of powder would make them perfect.   The main trails are packed hard now but it easy to find powder on the sides to cool machines.   With regard to powder play there are lots of places where you can get off the main trails and pick around the woods in powder 2 feet or more.  On the Hodges Road there is still some pretty deep snow for ditch banging.  I was sad to see all the snow had fallen from the trees in the higher country, which I expected to be covered in snow until the end of the winter.  It rarely gets warm that high even when it gets warm down here.  It won’t be long before it looks like winter wonderland again though I am sure.  So if your are looking for endless deep powder, I would suggest head to the west coast.  I am going to keep the condition rated as good for now but even 6 inches or snow will upgrade to excellent again…hopefully Tuesday by the look of it.

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Sledworthy Weekend

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

Hello everyone,

Well it was a great time having the Sledworthy crew out for an awesome weekend of riding!  I officially accepted my Sledworthy award up on Hodges.  The boys were tempted to drive on to the West Coast when they saw how little snow was around the chalets.   Lets just say they were glad they stayed and they will be back!  We spent two days ripping up the backcountry.  There were some places we couldn’t get because we need another few feet of snow to get there but the roads trails are in awesome shape and the ditch bangin is coming along too….lots of deep powder along the higher roads.  We all opened up across 9 mile bog with plenty jumps along the way.  The West end of Barrens Pond is starting to drift in…not like it will be a bit later but we all had fun ripping that up for an couple hours.  There were some nice jumps too as you can see from the pics.    The climb to the ice castle was good to go too!  I still haven’t been to the Gaff but the boys in chalet #3 were and said there was lots of powder and huge drifts.    I hope to get there over the couple days.  I have been on many of the larger lakes now and there is plenty ice and plenty of snow on them so that’s all good to go.  It’s shaping up to be a great winter of riding here in Central!


Jan 1st Lots of Snow & Good To Go!

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Hello all.  What better way to ring in the new year than an awesome midnight run on sled!   To ring in the new year a friend of mine and I took a midnight run into Hodges and out 10 Mile road.    The roads and trails are in excellent shape.  Today, we made it to the top of Hodges no sweat.  We didn’t go right to the Ice Castle due to lack of time but it looked good thanks to the last storm which fell down straight and heavy.  I haven’t been to the Gaff yet but I imagine it is excellent going with lots of snow.   As for ice, I am unsure of the bigger inside lakes but we have been on the ice now since early December.  I will be checking that soon though.  There doesn’t seem to be as much snow on the North side of Hodges but plenty on the South side as you can see from the pictures.  As for ditch-banging, well you have to be careful until we get more but you don’t have to stick to the roads only.  So if you want to blow the dust out of your sled and treat yourself to a stay at a luxurious accommodation, load her up and come on out!  Happy New year to you all!  I gotta go burn some more gas!

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