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Gaff Snow Conditions–Excellent!

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Well I finally go to the Gaff today and what a ball we had.  Although there is not a lot of snow on some open country areas and lots more on others you could still point you skis and go!  Now if you know where the play areas are its no sweat to find endless drifts like the ones we ripped up today.  I can’t wait to get the Backcountry back there this weekend but I had no hesitation making the Expedition 1200 beast fly today!  We had so much fun we hardly stopped for pictures.   We took the long route up there but came back the Trans-C-Rail which to my surprise, were not too bad.  Time to get the groomer on the go NLSF!!  Seems like everyone is due for a warmer day on Thursday.  I suspect and hope that this will be below 0 and snow up on the Gaff.   We saw one lone moose and then three together. 

DSC05575DSC05584DSC05583 DSC05574