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Gaff Topsails Great Fun Today!

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

I had a group of seven guys out for the past two days…we spent both days on the Gaff Topsails.  Yesterday it rained all day after about 7 inches of wet snow the night before.  I would have been satisfied to sit that one out but we did find lots of snow on the Gaff that we knew would be a lot of fun if it were not raining and cooler!  Today we trucked up Millertown Junction Road about 20 km from here and off loaded the machines to avoid the track ride and spend more time playing.  The road was perfect going and it only took us a few minutes to drive the 15km or so into the Junction.  The tracks were really good going in places and in others we had to get off to the side.   But for those of you who know the Gaff, this is normal where the track is high and exposed.  But the tracks was not our destination.  The areas along Mary March brook were and we had a ball!  The brook is actually running after all the snow followed by rain although you could cross back and forth in many places.  There is loads of snow in the woods and along the brook and the water is running off fast.  I am heading back Friday with another group from Scotland….can’t wait.  It was a very cold and windy day…difficult for pictures so I only have one.   I would rate the areas we rode as good but not excellent as I know how much better it can be.   As for Hodges, I will be checking out that area tomorrow and will post another update.  For now since I don’t know, I have to leave Hodges as poor but likely has improved.

Feb 5th, 2013 Gaff