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We pulled through!

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Looks like we survived the rain!  I was on the West Coast doing a sledding course on Sunday and it rained on us all day.  All the brooks are running wild….lot of damage but still lots of snow left in the higher country.  All the way back on Monday morning you can see  the vast amount of snow lost.  I was getting pretty worried  but the closer I got to central the brooks were not running as bad.  Aspen Brook and most of the others around are running over the ice but are not out.  Had a tour on the Gaff today and the riding was better than good so I am going to leave it at excellent as it is only going to improve as the water runs off.  Had a beautiful day with light snow but a great cook up of ham and beans.  Really we never got the rain the East and West got.  At least here around Badger it was mostly just steady mist.  I am headed into Hodges on tour tomorrow but looking at the road and also talking to a friend who was in today….I expect much the same.  We are safe again!