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Gaff Topsails

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

A couple of friends and I had an awesome day on the Gaff today in the White Hills/Barneys Brook area.  Getting there had some bad spots in the road and not a lot of snow on a couple bogs we crossed but it was well worth it when we got up there.  Most of the road was really good going though.  Tons of snow up there…..we had a great time climbing around the hills.  As you wind your way around there its so difficult to choose which hill time climb….its like riding in a giant snow covered egg carton!  There are lines all around you from very extreme to very easy.  With the Barneys Brook tributaries winding down in amongst the hills, the scenery is stunning.  The rain washed out a lot of Barneys Brook but its still no trouble to finds spots to cross.  With very cold temps coming this week I suspect and hope that winter will take another grip and put us through until late April like last year.   I would be so happy!  We also took a quick run out to Springdale Junction (or almost there) to check conditions and once again…loads of snow.   As it sits right now, there is a lot of moisture in the snow so if it is cold and no powder its going to be hard and some might have cooling issues.  But if it is above zero and the snow soften up, the riding will be excellent except for the odd bad spot I have been mentioning.  Last night we had 4 inches of snow so the riding today around Hodges was excellent, as our customers are telling me.