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Sunday, March 24th, 2013

I had a group in around Hodges yesterday.  I expected Peace Bog to be pretty bare but it was not.  It was pretty good going!  Not knowing what 9 Mile Bog was like we took Boyd’s Trail out to Hodges Pass.  When we climbed the pass we were able to see 9 mile and it looked really good.  We still opted to stay in the hills as we were having so much fun.  I emailed some chalet clients who were on 9 Mile the day before after and he confirmed lots of snow on 9 Mile the New Bay road system.  Once again, other than a few spots there on the roads where the warm wind took the snow down the riding is excellent.  There is lots of solid ice in the lakes and no trouble finding spots to cross the brooks.  I am going to upgrade the conditions to excellent again but keep in mind that on cold days or mornings after cold nights scratchers may be required.  Also, I suspect soon we will have to trailer about three kilometers in Cornfield Road only because of trucks tearing up the road.