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Fantastic Conditions!

Sunday, March 30th, 2014


You just cant get any better than a ride on a day like today.  Its personal riding time now, tours are slowed to a trickle albeit I have no idea why.  April is my favorite month and hardly a machine to be seen!  We have more snow than we have had all winter…by far!  We did have an excellent tour on Saturday with two families (one group).  What a great day to be out and conditions could not be better!  Right after the tour Jack (my son who just turned 8 on the BRP Freestyle ) turned around and headed back to the Monica cabin for the night…so on this post there are pictures from two trips.  Over the weekend we saw many caribou.  They are spread all around now from 9-mile right on down through Peace Valley.  Jack and I spent the day winding around the hills between the trees and looking for jumps.  Its not like you would expect riding with an 8 year old would be though.  I did not have to look back often as he rarely got stuck….always behind me, and I never held back too much with choosing difficult lines.  He rolled once, caught a tree on a side hill and fell into a brook after hitting a jump (which took well over an hour to get out).  Riding this past few days has been such a pleasure with the warm sun and not being stuck every 15 minutes in deep powder.  The snow in the trees, as always, is still soft and deep so when you do get stuck….well, you are good and stuck!   For all of you who have grass on your lawn and sleds put away, not only on the East Coast but closer to central, I feel for you.  I don’t know if it is that you don’t know what you are missing with spring riding, that you don’t realize winter Central and West lasts til the end of April and beyond, or the grass showing has you thinking about golfing instead of riding but you are missing the best time of year.  Winter here in Newfoundland is 4 months not 3.  I’d say I will burn two more drums of gas yet.  Make no wonder I get two years max out of a sled!  I am really enjoying this old time winter!

Winter Wonderland

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014


Hello all.  Just a note to let everyone know we are still locked in winter wonderland here at Riverfront Chalets.  We didn’t get the rain the Eastern half of the island got.  In fact, we have more snow now than we have in years.  There is no sign of Spring here and lots more snow on the way!  We had a last minute cancelation for one chalet this upcoming weekend and sledding conditions are awesome, so give us a call, load up your sleds and come on out!  For those of you who are not familiar with the sledding season here, we always ride until the end of April or close to it.  Last year it was April 27th.  This year, unless we get drastic amounts of rain, we will be riding into May.  We have two chalets available for the second weekend in April and and plenty openings on weekdays.  April is my favorite month for riding here in Central with the warm sun….no need to go to Florida for a tan!  Nothing beats riding with a t-shirt or jersey on!    Believe me, you don’t have to go far on sled to see a lot more snow that in this picture of the chalets I took this morning!  Don’t use the view from the TCH as a indicator as it says nothing about the snow even just behind the trees.  Hope to see you in April!

Awesome Day on the Gaff!

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014


Not long back now from a Gaff tour and the conditions ranged from good to excellent and the weather could not have been better.  Tons of snow and plenty powder play spots.  We left Dawes Pond, crossed South Brook, Sandy Pond and worked our way down the Valley towards Barney Brook.  So many excellent play spots its hard to choose!  After a boil up we went from Whit Hills – Foretop, Main Top, Summit and down Mary March Brook which is solid (as well as every other brook we were on today).  Driving across the open county was packed snow but plenty smooth to move along 40 – 50km  per hour.  Plenty powder patches to keep the machines cool and many Kms of soft snow from the sun.  Stunning day!  From there we took Patrick’s pond to South Brook and back out.  We saw two fox, moose and so many small groups of caribou I lost count.  I took a few pics of a herd of about ten feeding just off the edge of White Hills.  Tons of snow, great bunch and a wicked day!  

Very good going since the rain

Monday, March 17th, 2014



Well as usual, the rain we got wasn’t near extreme as received East and West of us.  I am guessing maybe 15mm? Still tons of snow on the trails and open country.  The trails, for the most part are flat and hard but not ice by any means.  Plenty powder on there to keep machines cool, but some machines will need scratchers.  Anywhere off to the side you are still sinking.  We had a trip across the Gaff which was pretty good going.  In fact, better than before the rain.  The climbing hills into Hodges are better now since the rain.  We needed it… was getting annoying getting stuck and going up to my neck in snow so often.  Now you can go anywhere but the snow is still soft and deep.  I don’t have a lot of pics today but I have a few.  See Tom Caines FB page for pics of Hodges.  I threw in one pic of my little guy Jack (8 years) jumping on his Freestyle.  We used this pic on his birthday cake yesterday!  Give it to her Jack!

Gaff Tour yesterday was full-on!

Thursday, March 6th, 2014


"The best ride they ever had" is how they put it.  Took 6 guys on a one night (ended up being two nights) for a night ride into Hodges the eve before and a full-on tour of the Gaff yesterday.  Tons of snow of course but the crossing from Sandy Pond to the Quarry was a mixture of powder and wind beaten snow.  We ducked into the few treed spots on the other side of the Summit and the real fun began.  Mary March Brook was awesome with tons of powder, endless drift jumps and deep powder to carve for kilometers.  Several riders in the group were able to take riding to a new level with these condition……they will have a lot more fun from now on!  We took Patrick’s pond – South Brook back to the vehicles for a nigh ride out.  South Brook was supposed to be one of the highlights with and endless meandering track of deep powder but we were all dead tired and didn’t play a lot….although conditions were ideal.  Once again had the pleasure of having Tom Caines along for the ride.  Thanks for all your help yesterday Tom.  I know it was very much appreciated by all!

We’re the Maxxim Vacations Tourism Business of the Year!

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

newsletter_award2Last night at the Hospitality Newfoundland & Labrador Excellence Awards we were honoured with the Maxxim Vacations Tourism Business of the Year Award!

The Maxxim Vacations Tourism Business of the Year is sponsored by Maxxim Vacations. This award recognizes businesses that have built a reputation for excelling and continuously improving upon all areas of operations – customer service, human resources and business results. Recipients of this award not only excel in their business operations, but acknowledge and embrace their role in improving the tourism industry of Newfoundland and Labrador. This award was presented on behalf of Maxxim Vacations at the Tourism Excellence Awards Gala by Carol-Ann Gilliard, CEO of Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador.

Thank-you to our loyal customers who have supported us since we started back in 1997. It’s been a fun adventure so far. A big thanks to TCR, ACOA, DMO and IBRD for their ongoing support over the years. It’s a huge honour to receive this award!

newsletter_award3We have available chalets this week and our snowmobiling conditions are excellent! We also have one chalet available this weekend which is the last weekend available until April! Don’t miss out; come on out and see why everyone is talking about our little piece of paradise!

Given the amount of snow in the backcountry it looks like we will be sledding right to the end of April!

Click here to check chalet availability online! , or call us at 709-486-0892.

Hope to see you soon!

Paul Rose

Very Fun Day

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014


After a successful ride clinic by Sledcore at the chalets, Jonathon Anstey, Andrew Goldsworthy, Jordon and I headed to Hodges today.  We had planned a Gaff trip but winds were supposed to be 50 KM…..ground storm conditions in the high country.  So we settled for Hodges but I can tell you the boys were far from disappointed.  In fact they were very impressed!  Have a look at Jonathan’s FB.  We have a one chalet open this weekend due to a cancelation and a few openings on weekdays so gas em and load em and come on out!  Don’t forget, we ride here until the end of April which still has lots of opening.  My favorite month to ride! 

By the way, on Friday Riverfront Chalets was awarded Business of the Year award at the HNL conference!  A big deal and an honor to say the least.  To be chosen for this with so many excellent business’s out there right across the province is humbling.  We would like to give thanks to all of our customers who came and left ranting and raving about their experience here.  We might be the owners but our offerings are designed for you and by you.  Thanks so much!

Paul and Joy