Gaff Topsails

Only one way in!

Hello all,

Just a note to update you on the snow conditions on the Gaff Topsails.  There is lots of snow and ice to last a good while yet.  Upper Mary March Brook is solid and good to go.  We didn’t run down the brook today but I was on the upper section (wish I had my Phazer!).  The lower section is running in places but that’s OK because you can get off it anytime you want anyways and all the fun is on the upper section.   We saw several small herds of caribou and yet another Arctic Hare today.  Both species are bouncing back!  I took a bunch of pictures but it was stormy so they didn’t turn out well.  I couldn’t resist posting the picture of one of the cabins at the Summit though.  You can’t see him but there is a man looking out a small trapdoor in the peek of the roof.  It is the only way he can get in and out of him cabin as it is nearly buried!  One more storm and I’d say the only thing showing will be the smoke stack…if that!  There is still lots of snow North of the chalets so if you are wondering, don’t worry.  Winter is not over yet!  I will be posting again after the Hodges tour tommorrow with some pics!

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