Still Winter Here in Central!


Well the phone calls are coming in lately and the rumors are flying!  No snow in Central!  Well we have tons of snow and unless we get drastic weather, we will be riding until May.  Now when spring riding you must realize that in the mornings, the snow is hard and you may need scratchers.  Then, assuming the sun is out, riding is superb from late morning until maybe 4 o’clock.  After that, you must stick to the beaten paths as the snow gets too soft.  This is the average day here in Central and West.  If it remains cold and the sun does not shine, conditions will be hard.  If the night does not cool down you may be confined to the beaten paths.  That is spring riding.  The smaller brooks are starting to bust out now which, in my opinion makes backcountry riding a bit more fun.  The larger brooks and rivers, are still solid but wont be to long before they start busting out.  A client was trying my machine and struck a rock, did quite a bit of damage but fortunately replaceable parts.  She will be back on the snow on Tuesday morning after 12 hours labor and $500 in parts.  Thanks to Marsh Motor Sports who is footing the bill for some of the labor to get me on the snow again!  For now though, I am riding a 600 Grand Touring!  Nice comfy sled but not what I am used too.  If the tour on the Gaff this weekend is hard conditions I will be glad to be sittin on the GT though.  Either way, the Gaff is God’s country!  My little fella Jack and I went in this eve for ride to check out the brooks ect.  These are a few snaps from a few hours ago. 

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