Still Great Riding



The Gaff was excellent riding on Saturday.  Tons of snow as you can see from the pics.  South Brook is still solid but many other brooks starting to break out.  Mary March was soft by the time we got there later in the day.  If it had of been colder it would have been awesome!  We went down almost to the falls but with the company I had that day we decided to head back to the beaten path after a boil-up.  By later in the day you had to stick to the beaten path or you were sinking far too much.   As usual this time of year I am introducing people to skipping water as with Sonja on the Cat 1100.  I think she would have been content to stay there for longer if we had the time.  Yesterday, my son Jack and I went to Hodges and Monica for the night.  Still tons of snow in there as well.  However, the brooks are breaking out fast and on warm days there is going to be lots of water on 9 Mile bog.  Just don’t have a heavy sleigh in tow like we did.  Down we went in about two feet of slush!  Thank God for my snow bungee again yesterday.  With only Jack with me I would have had to abandon machine and sled!  Saw about 60 caribou in one herd.  They were separated by a short distance though so you cannot see them all in the pic but I wanted Hodges centered in the back round.  Two staggs had opposite sides of their racks missing…..hmmmm.  I threw in a shot of jack skipping water on his Freestyle too.  He is only 8 and has ample experience at this already LOL!   Spring riding…gotta love it!  People around here are starting to figure that out now….I am seeing more sleds out since April than I have been seeing all winter!  Ride on!

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