Losing Snow fast!

We lost so much snow last week on that warm windy day I am amazed!  Took a ride into Hodges today expecting not too much change but anywhere that was exposed to the wind on the higher areas of Hodges  week are wiped out.   All the way in was good riding but after we left Cornfield Road the snow loss became evident.  The higher we got the more snow loss in the open areas.  Some parts of the road were bare for good stretches and I had to pick my way along the sides.  There is still lots of good riding to be had but you have to stick to main roads and groomed trails.  I was on a fair few ponds and lakes today which were all solid but you have to be careful of inlets and outlets of brooks as they are all running.  I did get into the tower hill which still has tons of snow but it was a bit of a task to get there with some bare spots on the bogs and cutovers.  On the brighter side I hear the Gaff and Buchan’s Plateau are still good to go.  The Gaff was my intention today but my riding buddy had to cancel last minute but I am hoping to get up there this week.  Also on the bright side I put in for a 2015 154 Freeride pre-season today, probably the best sled on the snow, for next season.  Tomorrow is the last day for pre-season orders with BRP.  The Summit and Freeride have a bumper to bumper 4 year warranty!  Who can resist that? 

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