100% Money Back Snow Guarantee!

Great news! Starting today we are offering a 100% money back guarantee on our snow conditions!

We will be introducing a snow conditions page on our website, and also highway road sign so we can accurately share the trail conditions! The snow, or lack thereof, on the highway is a poor way to determine the conditions on the trails and backcountry, and we have been trying to find a better way to inform everyone about the true snow conditions.

To back up our rating system, we are offering a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! That’s right, if you book a vacation with us, and the snow conditions deteriorate before your arrival, we will contact you and offer you a 100% refund!

We are prepared at this point to state that we will have great sledding conditions well into mid April, so book your snowmobile vacation WITH CONFIDENCE as far as April 15th and possibly beyond. You have nothing to lose, as we will refund 100% of your reservation if the snow conditions deteriorate.

Current conditions are near perfect, and we have the pictures, videos and customer testimonials to prove it!

Hodges Hill–March 27, 2011

Hodges Hill–March 27, 2011

We still have a couple weekend openings, and plenty of options on weekdays, so book today online at www.riverfrontchalets.ca/chalets.php or by calling 709-486-0892.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Jason Nault
Riverfront Chalets

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