No sign of spring yet!

Me n Jack were out for a rip this afternoon and conditions were superb!  Tons of snow and no sign of spring yet.  We saw what I can only assume was a snowy owl…it had a wing span of about 6 feet.  He was watching over a herd of caribou on 9 mile bog.  After I took a couple snaps of the owl Jack ripped around me on edge so I grabbed a few snaps of that as well.  For a kid that just turned 9 he can handle sled better than many adults I know.  Way to go Jack!  I fluked a snap of a face plant too when he fell off.   Its going to be winter here for a long time yet.  We are nearly booked up until middle of April but we do have a few weekdays here and there.  Please don’t put your sleds away on March 31st as most people do.  April is always the best month to ride….both here and on the West Coast.  I will hardly see anyone once April hits.   You guys are missing out big time!



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