Awesome April!

What awesome conditions for the middle of April.  Spring is here according to the calendar but not apparent in the backcountry of Central.  Although I have a fair size group tomorrow for the Kippens Ridge loop, the tours, as always once March ends have been few.  But that’s OK because April is my favorite month to ride.  Lots of family sledding up to the Monica camp….from Tuesday until Friday last week.  Spent time in the hills as well as touring around including a trip to the Point Leamington area, Seal Bay and Kippen’s Ridge.  Awesome times!  Jack is really coming along with his side-hilling (he is on the yellow and black Freestyle).  His buddy Evan DeAngelo was out from St. Johns with us for three days as well.   Today I showed Steve Furlong in around one of the play spots in Hodges…..great day today as well.  Steve periodically writes for Sledworthy magazine.  Tomorrow tour is a trip from the chalets around the Kippens Ridge loop via South Brook….its going to be an awesome day!I cannot understand why so many people store their machines away when March is over….you guys are losing out!



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