Great trip yesterday!

It’s the 13th of April and you would never say it.  Usually by this time of year we are trailering in 3km in order to ride…not so this year!  I had a group yesterday who were a little let down first when they drove through Central but it didn’t take long to uplift their spirits once we started riding.  We chose to combine two trips into one yesterday by covering the Gaff and Kippen’s Ridge and what a day it was.  We saw moose, caribou and arctic hare.  To the dismay of a couple the only water we found to skip was the puddles in the highway ditches in South Brook…everything else is solid.  I had a mishap later in the day when I struck a rock and drove my A arm back…the worst damage I have ever seen in an A arm!  Id say it was not far off 45 degrees!  With the use of a log and an axe working in tandem we managed to bend it back enough so it wasn’t rubbing on the shock.  I wished then that I had installed carbon fiber A arm plates along with my skid plate.  The snow was very soft later in the day.  I was turned around to make sure everyone was behind when I slipped off the beaten path and wacked a concealed rock…..I should have know better being on a pole line.  But that’s the key to spring riding….you have to ride at the right time windows to avoid the very soft conditions.  In any case, we were on the go again in 20 minutes and finished the trip.  I didn’t clock it but Id say we did about 260km….at least.  This is about 3 times what I normally do in a tour as I am a “more smiles, fewer miles” kind of rider.  This time of year though I ride everyday like it might be nearing to the end of the season.  You never know when the forecast might swing to 5 or 6 days of rain and wash it all away. 




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