Sledding still awesome!

Well this is going to be a winter I will remember for a while.  The riding in Central is still awesome.  Now I would have expected there to be still enough snow into Hodges and tons up to the Gaff by this time as there always is.  But still leaving the chalets on sleds with no trucking required?  I am loving this!  I did a fair bit of riding this past few days but today was a day to recover.  I have a big ride planned for Tuesday….with these conditions I was able to get to a level on the backside of Hodges I have been looking at from both Peace Valley and the top of Hodges for a few years now.  If I can link up a very steep treed valley with the newly discovered plateau it gives me another choice for the rippers that come looking for some challenging lines.  Not sure if it is even possible yet as even getting to the scree base is challenging enough but now throw in a side hill to get from across to the only way up and a steep tree climb may only be possible with prime conditions as they are now.  We will see on Tuesday!



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