Had a great weekend snowmobiling this past weekend.  Snow?  The pictures speak for themselves.  We headed to Hodges on Friday for some hill climbing where the snow on the hill was plenty but pretty hard as it was near zero degrees.  Still for all we had a few sleds stuck climbing the slopes.  It was the Gaff for Saturday.  Unfortunately South Brook was out so we had to run up the tracks from Dawes Pond Road.  The going was pretty good so we were able to travel pretty fast all the way up to the Gaff.  It was a little picky getting up there once we hit the open country but the amount of snow past the Quarry was amazing.  In fact I don’t the Gaff has lost much snow at all.  If you look at a couple older posts from this season, above the pics of the same cabin are not much different than they are now.   The snow is still up to the eve!  This is the time to be on the Gaff, only for the going to be comfortable it needs to be warm.  At least 15 degrees would be best!  As for this weekend and Hodges, I will be taking a run in tomorrow and provide an update as we did have it fairly warm this past couple days.  I will keep you posted.


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