April 20th and still ripping up Hodges!

Finally….FINALLY got in there!  I have been looking at a tree zone just below the ice waterfall on Hodges for a few years now and today we got the sleds up there.  I also managed to climb up to the public trail on Hodges from the steep side….I am positive that’s a first as well.  If you want steep…this is it!  If you drop your lid its going to play plinko for about a 1/2 of a km before its stops in this spot.  If it were Feb or March powder we would not have a prayer of slaying this area.  But today the temps were warm after a cold night and you could side hill the steepest of the steep all day long.  There is a chain saw coming out next fall….so my customers, or at least those who are into it, will get to enjoy the extreme route to Hodges.  Conditions are holding on.  9 mile bog was perfect riding.  We tracked a huge herd of caribou off 9 Mile towards Grand Falls Windsor and the open country in that direction are loosing snow fast.  All the trails and roads are the best kind although closer to the highway it wont be long before stretches of dirt will soon appear.  In the woods….bottomless so good for a while yet.  By this time of year I usually move to the Gaff but with all this snow down here I have not been there in over a week.  Reports are though that the Gaff is absolutely awesome riding right now.




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