Hodges Bad–Gaff Good!

Its been a long time since I posted but it has not stopped raining in over a week…not much anyways.  I went in to check out Hodges yesterday.  I didn’t go all the way because the snow was just too soft.  I was on quad actually because Cornfield Road is very soupy in places.  I suspect there is still a fair bit of snow judging by what’s on the road but unless it gets cold again I wouldn’t be bothered.  Now I had friends riding today on the Gaff from Dawes to Howley and said it was really good going and tons of snow.  I may head in tomorrow now that I know but not sure.  I also know Lewis Hills is really good and you can still leave from Corner Brook.  I plan to ride there early this week so looking forward to that.  Last weekend I rode to Harbor Deep for the weekend.  Always fun to be on sled but rain and fog with heavy rain on Saturday was what was dealt to us.  About half of us never went out the door on Saturday.  Conditions were rapidly falling apart there and unless it cooled after I suspect a lot of damage.  However there was lots of snow for the most part so maybe that area might be still good.  I am starting to shift to bike / boat mode now!

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