Still Riding!

Last year we rode the Gaff on My 4th and was a great day but getting there was difficult.  Friends rode the Gaff last Sunday leaving from Badger Lake area and said it was awesome going and never touched a bit a dirt!  Much better than last year.  I saw pictures on FB of people off loading at the Buchan’s Plataea too.  Other friends rode the Gaff from the Deer Lake side and also reported awesome riding conditions.  On the West coast, where I rode this weekend, conditions are phenomenal!  We were all over the Lewis Hills on Monday, which I had never done before, but the weather was so beautiful we decided to do a touring/playday.  Usually when I ride Lewis I usually travel as little as possible and play more.  You know what they say, “more smiles, fewer miles!”   I will be posting some pics and a short video of that trip on my personal FB page over the next couple days if you would like to check that out.  Tom Caines has also been posting pics of that trip. 

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