Escape the Rain/Drizzle/Fog; Come to Central!

This will certainly be a summer to remember for all Newfoundlanders, but there is no need to shut yourself indoors!  Although it’s still a fair bit cooler this year than it was last, the weather in Central Newfoundland has been consistently about 10 degrees warmer than on the Avalon.

For example, our friends in St. John’s today had to suffer through another 10 degree day with the R.D.F. weather everyone is so tired of, while here in Central we’re rafting on a beautiful sunny day and 18 degree weather!

Don’t get me wrong, a nice 26 degree day would be fantastic, but it’s still great rafting weather here in Central!  So common’, escape the fog and join us for a day you’ll never forget on the Exploits River!

See you soon!

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