Gaff Topails Pictures Posted

Hi everyone,

As promised, I just posted a few pictures of the gaff trip.  I usually get a lot more pictures but it was either fewer pictures or fewer fingers (from frostbite).  The Sandy pond picture was taken just before we made the last part of the accent to the Topsails which are behind us.  The ground storm picture was taken  when we reached the top…only one 2KM away from the Sandy Pond shot.  Finally the picture of the moose was taken in the quarry area.  He shook drifts of snow from his coat constantly.  He was bedded down in the middle of the track when we found him.  For those of you who never came across a moose like this on a road or trail you must give him the right-of-way and go around him.  He will not go to deeper snow to let you by!  You will be sorry if you push him.  I will keep you all updated on any future trips.

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