Hodges Trip

Hello everyone,

Took a trip into Hodges yesterday.  Perfect going on snowmobile and the Hodges trail was the best I’ve seen it yet.  I never went all the way to the top as we never had time but made it up past the tree-line.  The ride down over the shoulder could use a little more snow but still good going.  Saw four caribou in front of the chalet on Monica Lake.  They didn’t mind me getting a little close for a picture and never did hurry away.  The rise out the other side of Hodges via 10 mile was very nice too.  For the group coming this weekend…you are in for a very nice ride to Hodges and lunch at the camp!  I uploaded a few pictures in the gallery under Chalets, climbing Hodges, the caribou and sunset on Hodges.  Bye for now!


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