Hodges Hill Tour (Saturday Feb 8th)

Hello everone,

Had an awesome trip into Hodges Hill yesterday with the Timmons group.  They are a group of nurses and spouses from the Gander hospital.  We left at 10:30, rode to the 2cnd level of Hodges (too difficult to get to the top), down over the shoulder and on to the lodge.  We had a big pot of soup, rolls, cookies cheese ect.  Thanks to Joy for the delicous meal!  An absolutely beautiful day with the sun shining in the front windows.  After a good warm-up we took a quick dart up to 9 mile bog before heading out over the other side of the hill to the chalets.  It was so nice out we decided to continue on the have a look at the Badger Chute.  We got back just after dark.  The night was stunning!  The group was 16 including two guides.  Heading up to the Gaff Topsails on Tuesday with a group.  Hope the high country co-operates! 

Distance travelled-86km


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