Todays Ride

Its been a while since I posted  on the snow conditions, mainly because there hasn’t been much change.  In was up to the Gaff Topsails for a ride today though where we had an awesome ride.   We left Rocky Brook Camps and took the Powderhorn Lake Dawes Pond route to Goodyear’s Cove Road.  There were a couple sections of road that between Powderhorn and Dawes Pond that were near bare and we had to run the ditch.  Other than that its was easily passable.  Once we got to Dawes Pond the roads were excellent going with loads of snow.  Goodyear’s Cove road was also awesome going with lots of snow both in the woods and on the road.   I’d say there is at least three feet of snow in the woods.  Once we got on the Gaff the road was almost void of snow for a couple windswept sections but easy to get around.  The open country was not too bad until we approached the Mary March Brook area where it suddenly turned into a winter wonderland.  Loads of snow, lots of ice and best of all lots of jumps and play areas.  We went all the way up the brook well past the Quarry.  Even though it was around zero degrees the snow was still fairly soft most areas.  If it was warmer it would have been even better.   I could have ripped this place up all day!  But we did have to leave eventually.  The picture was taken on a drift on Mary March Brook.  Not the usual endless 15 footers in this area but still lots of them around 8 feet or so which will be fun on a warmer day.   We took the tracks back to Millertown Junction.  Most of the run was in really good shape but would have been much better on a warm day.  We took the “groomed trail” from Skull pond back to the truck.  90% of the trail was excellent going but a few windswept areas made for annoying bare spots so I think I am done with that road for this year.   For the most part it was an awesome run today with a few places to avoid.


I was away on the west coast for two days of riding so I haven’t been into Hodges since Sundays Tour but I am sure the past post on that area stand the same…good to go except for the bogs which can be navigated o around the edges.  I might as well give an update on the two areas on the west coast I just rode.  We wen tot the Gregories on the first day, Monday from the Jackladder.  The going was good with lots of snow all the way in and will remain that way for a while I am sure.  Like here though its icy when it cools down and darting becomes a little annoying.  The best of the tow days was Tuesday when we went up Taylors Brook Road.  The trail was pretty flat for the most part all the way into Eagle Lodge.  We couldn’t do much play for the first 30 km or so as there were a lot of rocks ect showing through the snow and there were a couple strikes.  Once we got inside Eagle Lodge though there was lots.  We spent most of the day along the edge of the high country climbing the cut-lines.  What I liked about TBR over the Gregories is that there were fewer people.  Especially once you got off the main drag to the gorge.  We had a ball. 

  I will be posting a blog on Hodges in a few days but winter isn’t over yet!

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