Still Good to Go!

I just got back from a ride into the backcountry chalet and was happy to see the amount of snow left and the condition of the roads and ice.  It has been a very warm week here in the valley.  It was 15 degrees out today and the kids had their dirt bikes out and riding in shirts.  The driveways are even starting to dry up.  I trailered my machine in Cornfield about 100 feet so I wouldn’t have to drive on dirt at all.  I didn’t have to far in the road before there were no dirt patches from trucks driving in the road and once I took my first right and started climbing, conditions improved as I drove.  I took a side road detour and found myself sinking in about 2 1/2 feet of snow.  If it was to turn cold again you could go anywhere but at these temperatures its best to stick to the road and beaten paths.  The roads were awesome!  I got to the cabin in 45 minutes..put it that way!  The brooks are out but the ice in the lakes and ponds are still solid.  As you can see from the picture ice is only starting to degrade.  There are areas where there are a few rocks showing through the road on the way in to the higher country but easily avoidable.  For the most part though the roads have at least 1 foot of hard packed snow.  If you are booked in for this weekend be prepared to either stick to the roads and trails or if you are comfortable skipping the brooks and washouts to get to the backcountry you can go most anywhere, including both Hodges climbs.  The bogs and open country are still good when the temperature is down but as the day warms up it is patchy and rough.  Its best to stay on the roads, trails and ice.


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