Still Good Riding!

Just got back from an awesome ride with Darrell Jenkins of Botwood.  He and his wife threw the snow machines aboard not really expecting to get out….except for the fact that I assured him there was snow.  The two pictures, both taken this morning show how different it is just North of the Chalets.  As the crow flies, only about 10 km away!  With between 4 and 6 inches of heavy powder last night the roads and ice were excellent going.   It turned cold last night so the brooks dropped and created some challenges in the back country.  I think Darrell learned a few things today about skipping water even though he has experience at it.  He now has some new skills which will open new doors for him.  All he needed was for someone else to show him what was possible.  It was just last weekend he and his group turned around and back tracked out because of an “impossible crossing”.  We had an awesome day!  Jay…..keep your finger to yourself LOL!  Unless we get really extreme weather this week I am sure we will still have good riding conditions next weekend and beyond.


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