Meet Our 2012 Raft Guides – Part 3: Darin


“My name is Darin Moore from Windsor Ontario, Canada. For those of you unfamiliar with Windsor, it’s a flat industrial part of Canada with very little to offer in regards to outdoor adventure.

10+ years ago I left home in search of nature’s many pleasures. The search found me in Banff, Alberta where I learned to ski and later become Ski Patrol at Sunshine Ski Resort.  This is also where I learned to raft. 

Since then rafting has become my favourite profession (6-7 years) and has even granted me work/play in Costa Rica!darin2

  I was lucky enough to win a ‘launch lottery’ for the Colorado River a few years back and was privileged to be able to ask 17 of my best friends to join me on a 25 day rafting expedition of the Grand Canyon (life-changing experience!!).

I can’t wait to add a Newfoundland adventure to that list.

I look forward to meeting you all soon!”

(The arrow in the 2nd picture points to Darin before attempting a wild ski run in the Rockies)

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