Hodges Hills Tour (Wednessday Feb 11th)

Another great day with the Haley group!  Left 10:30 this morning and headed into Hodges.  Lots of snow with huge drifts.  Took the Aspen gullies – Aspen Pond route to stay off the groomed trail as much as possible.  The trail up to Hodges was beautiful with all the fresh snow on the branches.  A few drifts near the top caused a few difficulties but the climb was worth it.  It was actually bearable without gloves on up there so we got a few nice snaps.  The ride down over the shoulder was very nice.  Lots of moose, caribou and coyote tracks.  When we got to the chalet we all chipped in to get the fire in and the kettle on.  The camp warmed up quickly with the sun shining in the large windows facing South.  The guys took up a load of salt fish and salty it was, even after 2 – 3 soakings…but it was thick and good!  We broke the trail over to Mary-Anne Lake where we got some nice shots of jumping snow drifts.  Some of them are posted in the gallery under chalets.  Headed back out the 10-mile route.  Great day…great people!

Distance traveled-92km

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