Gaff Topsails Tour (Friday Feb 13th)

OK thats enough snow now for a couple days!  Took the Cahill group to Hodges today.  Got as far as the edge, Mary March Brook and decided to head back to lower ground.  Not a big lot falling at this point but a lot blowing around.  We were hoping to play in the drifts for a while but the way the wind was blowing, directly over the top, you couldn’t see a thing as you approached.  We decided to head to Bakepot to a friends chalet for lunch.  A good bit of the trail was not touched since the last storm so breaking the trail was fun.  Sooo much powder!  The guys were having a great time zipping around on their crotch rockets.  The other machines were confined to the beaten path to avoid getting stuck.  It was a lot nicer weatherwise down here than on the Gaff.  It was getting late so we took a short-cut to cut off some of the groomed trail back to the chalets.  Very nice bunch and a good day in the powder.

Distance traveled 165km

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